Silver Bell Transport commenced operating from the North Shore to Auckland International and Domestic Airports in June 2009 with a single vehicle. Thank to repetitive customers and great service, we now operate a fleet of 3 vans.

Our vehicles comprise of two 7 seat SWB vans and one 13 seat LWB van. The 13 seater is very popular with night pub / bar groups as it is fitted with DVD and amazing sound system. It is now widely know as the "PARTY VAN"

My name is Sean Waugh and I operate Silver Bell Transport from Torbay, Auckland, my background is in I.T and Customer Service

Licence Classes 1,2,4 & P

NZTA Registered - Silver Bell Transport

NZTA Passenger Service Licence 0240587

NZTA Certificate of Knowledge of Law & Practice

NZTA Area Knowledge Certificate 014195